Currently, due to the migration to the new Telobal portal, it is not possible to use the old cloud PBX for new orders, and it is only possible to receive incoming calls in divert mode and SIP forward. The previous numbers set in the cloud PBX are active and in service as before.
- It is possible to receive SMS as before for both old and new numbers by sending to email and displaying on the web panel.

Call rate to Madagascar

Network Prefix Cost per minute (USD)
Landline 261 0.9432
Spacemob 261200 1.8180
Spacemob 26122 2.6172
Mobile 26130 1.0152
Mobile 26131 1.0152
Orange Mobile 26132 1.0152
Zain Mobile 26133 1.0296
Telma Mobile 26134 0.9432

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